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Jai Uttal

Dust & Tears CD: Pre Order

Dust & Tears CD: Pre Order

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Dust & Tears CD: Pre Order

CDs will ship in February 2023. Please allow up to two weeks for processing and handling. 


About Dust & Tears

Way off in the distance, across endless desert sands and beneath an infinite starry sky, you can hear the faint cry of the mystic, weeping in love and longing, and singing a melody so profound that it can only be discerned by beings of the most incandescent light. Yet his voice is strangely human and raw, and, like a raging river descending from the Himalayas, his song rolls and churns with all the passionate emotions of a human being yearning for his God.

Men and women like this, cosmic songwriters with the ability to translate the deepest unexpressed feelings of the heart into melodies and rhythms, have lived and breathed before the advent of our modern concept of time. They sang in every language, in every land. They sang what we couldn’t speak; they interceded to uplift our souls to spirit consciousness; they gave us songs to sing so we too could reach the very heights of divine love.

The nine compositions on this album continue this ancient steam of devotion. These mystical songs, though veined with heart-wrenching sorrow, express the deepest spiritual longings of the human psyche. Yet, when sung with beauty, heartfelt intensity, and vulnerability, these primordial emotions give birth to an unspoken well of sublime joy. The lyrics, composed by Nubia and I, rest on the very breath of our mystical ancestors. The inspiration is from their passionate hearts and ardent poetry. These songwriters of Bhakti were untamed revolutionaries, proclaiming the triumph of love over hate. May we, in our small way, sing like they sung, fearlessly and with abandon, longing for darshan, praying for all beings to be free.

Each of these songs grew from a seed found in an ancient text - sometimes it was a line, sometimes just a word, and sometimes simply the sentiment - which was planted in the soil of our souls to sprout into the music you hear today.


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